Boundweave and Weft-face Weave

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Length of Workshop: 2 days

The techniques covered will be:

  • Pattern weft face
  • Boundweave
  • Flamepoint
  • Figure weaving
  • Reversible boundweave.
  • Fleece weaving (optional)
  • Edge finishes for floor rugs

Students will bring their own loom, threaded as following the instructions below.
Each student will weave a sample showing all these techniques but the amount of weaving done will depend on the speed and skill of each individual student.

Standard of students.
Students should be able to thread their own loom, and do plain and twill weaves.

Maximum number in class: 16

Students should bring with them.
Four-shaft table loom, threaded as follows.
Warp length: 2.25m (7 feet)
Warp width: 30cm (12 ins) approx. 66 ends in all. This allows for 8 repeats of the pattern and two ends for the floating selvedge. Thread the outside two ends, (1 on each side), through the reed, but not through the heddle, and tie then onto the front rod as normal.
Warp. Cotton, about the size of an 8/4.

Sett: 5 e.p.i.
Threading: Rosepath. 1,2,3,4,3,2,1,4.
Wind the warp onto the back roller, separated with corrugated cardboard,
sticks, or venetian blind slats. It should be very firm.

Also bring with you:

Four shuttles, darning needle, tweezers, scissors, pencil and paper, clamps for clamping your loom to the table. Small amounts of rug wool or wool of a similar thickness, (see sample) in a variety of colours. Half a grocery bag will be plenty. If you want to try fleece weaving, bring a few handfuls of washed fleece. A fleece such as English Leicester, Border Leicester or Lincoln will do well. The fleece needs to be strong and have a staple length of about 5-6 inches.